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When one thinks about a possible vacation destination for the next family trip, there are countless beautiful and picturesque places in the world worthy of visiting, the seaside Somali capital of Mogadishu may be added to the bucket list. Mogadishu tourism invites travelers across the world to this beautiful city which is world known as the “White pearl of the Indian Ocean”.

Mogadishu Tourism Offers You A Wonderful Travel Experience and has a rich culture and history that dates back to the ancient time of around 1st century.

It is a prosperous city since the primitive times and offers great myths and stories right from the tribal era to the sultanate rules, Italian imperialism, republic and civil war and recovering time that has left a great impact on Mogadishu.

Mogadishu has seen what experts call an “economic renaissance” lately, with the Somali diaspora coming back to rebuild their homeland, in collaboration with entrepreneurs who never left. Those who would like to explore this historical significance of the land and also like to explore the rich culture and heritage of the city can visit Mogadishu which offers a wonderful experience to the visitors.

The city is also known for beautiful tourist destinations and also has many adventurous attractions that would just really offer a thrilling experience to the tourists to Mogadishu. September 2012 election of Hassan Sheikh Mohammed has been waved to as a “great step forward” for Somalia and is the reason for the nation’s slow but sure move to increased stability.

Mogadishu has been somewhat transformed, being controlled under central authority and experiencing the return of private investors. Mogadishu has experienced a construction boom not only in the real estate and hospitality industries, but also in telecommunications and aviation.

In fact, independent Somali airlines have recently opened up their flights to 15 domestic and international routes flown every day.


The city itself offers everything one would expect a seaside paradise to look like beautiful beaches and luxurious poolside resorts, surrounded by the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The remnants of Italian colonization are apparent in the street cafes and merchants selling loaves of Italian bread and cappuccinos on the roadside

The Mogadishu adventure attractions are very famous for the enthusiasts who would like to explore like

1. The Liido Beach surely offers you a relaxing holiday where you can also come across different water activities and adventurous sports to enjoy your holiday.

2. Mogadishu lighthouse is also a landmark in the city which has been destroyed during the civil war and beyond functionality, but can offer you an amazing view of the bay if you have the courage to climb it.

3. Black Hawk Down Site where you can still see the war tanks and machines that are left of the street as the US army fled and some tanks even chased into the sea that can still be seen during a low tide.

4. Peace Garden; residents of the Somalia capital Mogadishu have a Peace Garden which is one of the attractive places that hundreds of families go every weekend.

5. Jazeera Beach: is a popular tourist destination few kilometers to Mogadishu after Lido Beach, Where Thousands of People Gather to relax on weekends as part of Somali culture, the beach features some of the most impressive beaches in the world.

The debris is a witness to the city’s history and struggle during the civil war. There are also markets that introduce you to the local culture and people along with some local products that you can find nowhere else in the world. You can travel to Mogadishu Somalia by contacting us, we have been working on tourism service since 2012 with great success. Make your travel safe and comfortable to enjoy your adventurous tour in this part of the world.

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